Dermal Fillers


½ ML
Revolax, Juvéderm and Princess Filler are used
Revolax, Juvéderm and Princess Filler are used
Revolax, Juvéderm and Princess Filler are used

Add volume and definition


We use only the best products and they are amazing for correcting any asymmetry in the face. It improves and increases the elasticity that can get lost with age or lifestyle, great for contouring the face and bringing it back to life.

Removes lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth out the smoker’s lines and nasal folds to create a younger look. This treatment is becoming more and more popular as a cosmetic procedure, following the fashion trends of today.


All Dermal Fillers contain Hyaluronic acid which is a molecule/particle that your body naturally produces to help aid hydration in the skin, it holds 1,000 times its weight in water giving you a full look. By implanting this directly into the skin it creates the specific area to become more hydrated resulting in volumizing and plumping and more structure.

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