Meso Facials

This treatment was developed to solve the problem that conventional methods are unable to deliver, to implement bigger particles of product, deep enough into the dermal layer of the skin.

Particles larger than 200nm cannot penetrate the Epidermis. This means that substances such as vitamins and Hyaluronic acid do not pass through the Epidermis, unless they are injected. Meso products have a particle size of 2nm but a pathway is still needed to penetrate, which is where Meso comes into play. Just like other skin treatments Meso causes a micro trauma to the skin in order to force it into a state of repair. The body recognises that the skin has been compromised and immediately send repair tools to the area, this promotes collagen and elastin to the skin. Can be safely used around the eye area, reaching those that show the greatest signs of ageing. As we get older the regeneration in the skin becomes slower and less frequent leaving the skin looking dull.

Not everyone wants to have injections? If you fear injections or the ‘tell-tale’ bruising and pain that may be associated with fillers, then the Cell Boost Meso treatment is definitely for you.

The downtime with this treatment is minimal so a great treatment to have on your lunch break, we suggest makeup isn’t applied until the next day or use mineral based makeup. The effects of collagen stimulation can take up to one month to make a difference to the appearance of the area, we suggest to have one treatment a week for 6 weeks then one a month as maintenance.


It’s literally like giving your skin a drink…

The products applied during this process are: AHA Peel will exfoliate making room for regrowth of new skin, rejuvenate (Hyaluronic acid and peptides) are applied to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production and are pushed into the skin with micro needling. Aftercare will be your own routine as of the next day but grapeseed oil is a great carrier for nutrients and vitamins.


Meso Treatments Price
Meso ME (gentle needling) £65.00
Meso + (metal needling) £70.00
  • Please Note: These facials can be combined with Caci, please see below.

Caci Facials

Now using the new CACI Synergy System!

This allows us to combine the standard microcurrent, which tones and firms and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, with the new S.P.E.D technology.

S.P.E.D Technology uses high brilliance red and blue LEDs, driving the light deeper into the tissue for tissue healing and stimulating collagen production. Red light stimulates collagen, cell renewal, blood circulation and wound healing. Blue light soothes and calms, kills bacteria, is antiseptic and anti-irritant.

With the power of both technology’s we can provide more visible and longer lasting results. This amazing new technology also means we can target a wider range of problem areas including puffy, dark, tired eyes, dropping jowls, ageing hands and acne.


Caci Facial Treatments Price
Non-Surgical Facelift £65.00
Non-Surgical Facelift – Course of 10 £520.00
Hydratone Facial £30.00
Non-Surgical facelift with hydratone £72.00
Ultimate skin rejuvenation £50.00
Ultra Skin Rejuvenation and Non-Surgical £95.00
Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial £93.00
Lip Plump £18.00
Jowl Treatment £35.00
Wrinkle Comb (20 mins) £25.00
Wrinkle Comb (30 mins) £35.00
Wrinkle Comb (10 mins) £16.00
Non surgical face lift with 30 minute Glycolic facial £90.00
Purifying Facial £60.00
Hand Treatment £45.00
Acne Treatment £40.00
Eyelift £25.00 course of 10 £200.00
Eye Revive £35.00 course of 10 £280.00
Non surgicalFacelift with Meso+ £100.00
Non surgical Face lift with meso ME £96.00


Anti-Ageing Facial

This advanced anti-ageing range is specifically formulated with exclusive peptides and highly active plant-derived extracts, for aged and prematurely aged skin.

Anti-Ageing Facial – £60.00

Glycolic 60min Facial

The unique resurfacing range delivers softer, smoother and brighter skin. Glycolic deeply cleanses while relieving congestion, pigmentation, age spots and dullness. It will deliver both instant and prolonged benefits.

Glycolic 60min Facial – £62.00

Express Glycolic Facial (30 mins) – £44.00

Glycolic Facial with Hand Treatment 

The unique resurfacing range delivers softer, smoother and brighter skin. Glycolic deeply cleanses while relieving congestion, pigmentation, age spots and dullness.

Glycolic Facial with Hand Treatment – £72.00

Essentials Facial – Hydrates and Protects

Rich in plant collagen and Hawaiian sea algae, this rejuvenating treatment provides deep hydration and protection from free radicals and UV damage. Suitable for all skin types and can be combined with all other ranges.

Essentials Facial – £40.00

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