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Sienna X

Is an award-winning spray tan solution that promises to deliver a lovely natural golden glow. Not only making you look and feel fantastic, it also contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and natural enzymes that have a revitalising effect on your skin cells. If you didn’t think that was amazing enough it smells amazing too! An important thing to remember in regards to self-tanning is that everyone’s skin is different, and a fake tan will react differently depending on your skin type. Fake tans only run the risk of looking unnatural if you have a tan with too much DHA in it for your skin type, which is why we have formulated our products to suit all tones; if you’re looking for a darker tan, simply apply more regularly.

Vita Liberata

The world’s first completely tanning brand, with spray tan solutions. Advanced Organic Technology (Advoganic) and natural skincare extracts are key to our formulas, offering more than just a tan treatment. Advoganic stands for Advanced Organic. It is the name for the collection of technologies that vita developed along the way in the quest to make the best tan in the world. These technologies all came about while enabling organic botanicals to perform as well as, if not better than traditional cosmetic chemicals.

Exfoliation should be done prior to having a spray tan to enhance and make it last longer, no deodorant or perfume to be applied and arrive wearing loose clothing.

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