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Long Weekend Tan (develops within 8-10 hours)
Premium Tan (develops in 8-10 hours)
60 Minute Tan (develops in 1-3 hours)
Gold Tan (develops within 8-10 hours)
Half Body

Sienna X Prices

8%, 10%, 12% (develops within 8-10 hours)
Hit Tan (develops within 1 hour)
Half Body

Fake Bake

Exfoliation should be done prior to having a spray tan to enhance and make it last longer, no deodorant or perfume to be applied and arrive wearing loose clothing.

Fake Bake gives an instant sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting sunless fake tan by combining naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose­ guaranteeing longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results. We have developed botanical ingredients to remove parabens and artificial preservatives. Our specialist self-tans offer added benefits like anti ageing, anti cellulite and anti oxidants.

Award winning, Fake Bake has become the choice of beauty experts and celebrities alike!


Long Weekend Tan – This Tan develops in 8-10 Hours and lasts up to 5 days – £18.00
Perfect for prom, hen-do or a party this tan will last 3-4 days and is great for every skin tone.


Premium Tan – Original Tan develops in 8-10 Hours and lasts up to 10 days – £25.00
A combination of cutting edge naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose work with the melanin cells which lie in the top layers of your skin to develop into a tan that compliments your skin tones for a perfectly natural looking result.


60 Minute Tan – This fast developing tan looks and smells great, develops in 1-3 Hours depending on skin type and lasts roughly 10 days – £28.00
The longest lasting, most natural looking, ultimate fake tan just got even FASTER! the tanning agents – dihydroxyacetone and erythulose are activated upon contact with the skin. Accelerators speed up the development time and a golden glow can be achieved in an hour. To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 Minutes on longer then rinse off the colour guide to reveal the tan. We do not recommend leaving on any longer than three hours. This light weight, fast drying formula is non-sticky and does not clog the pores.


Gold Tan – £28.00
Contains Intense concentrations of Unique triple tan formula and concentrated blends of powerful antioxidants. Green Tea and Pomegranate that help protect skin from ageing free radicals. Results will give a luxurious golden glow fit for a bride or even a goddess. Perfect for those wanting a tan with Vitamin A and E to improve the skin’s complexion.

sienna-xSienna X Spray Tanning

Is an award winning spray tan solution that promises to deliver a lovely natural golden glow. Not only making you look and feel fantastic, it also contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, natural enzymes that have a revitalising effect on your skin cells. If you didn’t think that was amazing enough it smells amazing too! An important thing to remember in regards to self-tanning is that everyone’s skin is different, and fake tan will react differently depending on your skin type. Fake tans only run the risk of looking unnatural if you have a tan with too much DHA in it for your skin type, which is why we have formulated our products to suit all tones; if you’re looking for a darker tan, simply apply more regularly.


Sienna X – 8%, 10%, 12% Tan – £25.00
Paraben and alcohol free. Natural looking, 8%,10% and 12% will suit all skin types – with holiday coconut fragrance, developing time 8-10 Hours. Lasts up to 10 days.


Sienna X – Hit Tan – £28.00
Sienna X hit tan is designed for time-poor clients who want fast, effective results in the shortest time possible. Developing time 1 hour. Lasts Up to 10 days.

Exfoliation should be done prior to having a spray tan to enhance and make it last longer, no deodorant or perfume to be applied and arrive wearing loose clothing.

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